The stretching lesson
Starring Deadly Nightshade
Nude erotic-wrestling
25 mn / 19.99 $

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NightShade is a machine in this video, entering the room and daring her victim, then making him stretch, then throwing him to the bed and pouncing on him. She takes her top off and proceeds to stretch him more with her incredible wrestling holds. Nightshade continues her aggressive male domination first by doing a handstand over her victim then landing on him and proceeding to put him in some very painful scissor holds. Headlocks with her legs laying and standing, brutal facesitting,\par then it's down to the floor for some awesome reverse head scissors, stripping him naked and she strips down to her G-string. Action packed the entire way thru. Finally NightShade and her male victim are totally nude for the final segment of this domination wrestling video. Nightshade is totally "ripped" muscles here and takes total control of her male victim and his cock! Watch all the excitement and action to the final end!