The Lodger (1280x720)
Starring Ashley Starr
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Nude Fantasy-Wrestling
33 mn / 19.95 $

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Ashley is soooo hot n sexxy in this video! She goes totally down to the buff and wrestles and dominates her opponent. She strips down and strips her opponent down then she sits on his face...she stands over him and makes him beg for her big clit in his mouth . . .she headlocks him and bodyscissors him.. . . grinding that gorgeous black ass on him, humping on him, just total tease and denial. Booty Shakin Ashley Starr, awesome Ebony Muscle a Dominatin . . . her opponent just cannot get enough of that black big muscle clittie in his face! Watch how she teases, denies and booty shakes over his face, on his body, everywhere is that magnificent ebony booty!!! Ashley Starr just can't get enough of tease and denial in this grande finale of her Ebony Muscle Domination Wrestling. Her poor opponent doesnt stand a chance when she is naked and shoving her awesome muscle clittie and tight round hard glutes in his face and humping all over him! Egads! It's enough to make you have a heart attack and go to Muscle Heaven forever !!!!