The singing Babe
The singing Babe
Starring Extreme Thule
Fantasy wrestling
31 mn / 19.99 $

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Extreme Thule is awesome in her domination skills as she forces breast smothering and worship, foot worship while she lays on top of her opponent,head scissors while she just lies in a reclining position all the while talking trash to him, being forceful by pulling her victim's head back and tellin him how great she is, showing him her hard peaked muscles while holding him down. She goes on and on and on . . . loving every moment!! And of course her forced face3 sitting is beyond none!!! Extreme Thule is looking outstanding in her see thru fishnet out fit with her muscled body bulging thru. In walks her Fantasy Wrestling appointment and boy does she get into this one!!!She loves to dominate men and toss them around, squeeze the living daylights out of them, head lock and laugh and pose flaunting her awesome muscles! Sit bacvk and be entertained by this one!!! This Blonde italian Muscle Beauty loves dominating men in very painful wrestling holds, slapping, headlocking, forced ass smothering and worship . . . and so much more. Watch her in action as she takes control of her opponent and will not let him go or try to escape. Muscle Beauty loves to force breast smothering and worship, and exert her big thick muscular thighs around her victim in many paintful ways, squeezing him to almost pass out stage. She allows some titty kissing and sucking but only for a little while until it's back on the floor with more muscle domination and abuse. And then she forces him to worship her crotch! What abuse !!! Muscle Beauty is so addicted to dominating men that she forces crotch worship, ass smothering worship, painful leg scissors and if you see her thighs you will know once they are around you it is doomsday for you! She then does something very surprising, pulling out his male member and painfully abusing it in her strong hard hands. She is phenominal in this video!!!