The Lazy Gardener
Starring MuscleVixen
Sexy fantasy-wrestling
36 mn / 19.99 $

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MuscleVixen is an unbelievable beauty with a body and a face that would stop a nation!! This video starts off with her in a very sexy fishnet outfit, she has problems with her gardener and decides it is lesson time her style. After a while the fishnet comes off to a strlng bikini and wow, your eyes will pop out of the sockets!! Unreal scissors of all kinds showing this magnificent womens leg and glut muscles, hell all of her muscles just flexing and bulging as she squeezes him without any mercy what so ever!! She truly enjoys squeezing a mans head, body, whatever.. Grapevines that will astound you as she applies so much pressure You won't know how this man wasn't split in half. face sitting, breast smothering and lots of action showing this beautiful woman destroying this helpless man.