Queen Rita gogo dancer
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Erotic Fantasy-wrestling
35 mn / 19.99 $

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Mike makes a little surprise to his friend Wedge as birthday present. He sends him a female gogo dancer, who will perform a real strip tease show, but soon the dance will become a nightmare for the poor guy. Who could play this gogo dancer better than Queen Rita ? Indeed she has been a professionnal dancer before becoming an international bodybuilder. She has great sex appeal. Look at that ass Awww damn ! Boys ! She takes genuine pleasure in playing-out this scenario. In this movie she is super hot while, at the same time, she can squeeze the life out of you in seconds. To begin with, she's turning around the bar teasing us with her tongue, licking her biceps, perfectly moving her muscular body. Then she jumps on Wedge with acrobatic figures, and performs face-sitting doing the splits, legs wide spread. She has a wonderful muscular ass, to drive us boys crazy. But this girl is also very powerful. She has sleepers, we can see on her face and with Wedge's screams that he is really suffering. Her face-sittings are tough. There are very hot and exciting scenes where she's grabbing his throat, forcing her pussy into his mouth, moving back and forth as if she was making love to him. While dominating him in various holds, she's contracting her biceps to show him her strength and power, moving on him as if she wanted the dance to continue on his body. This hot and sweating body riding its prey is really exciting, and she moves her beautiful generous ass with great sensuality. She's determined :”No no, you are not going anywhere until I am done with you”. At some moment she's inviting him to come on her, with her legs spread toward the ceiling, :”come closer to me”. Then she's squeezing him in powerful scissors, looking at the camera with a naughty face, while he's screaming like a pig. When she does this, it is very painful, believe me. Her headlocks are realy painful too. She suffocates the poor Wedge who is exhausted and her strangleholds are devastating. We've never seen (and heard) Wedge, who is accustomed to this kind of things, suffer like this. Sometimes she's riding him from behind, with her nice butt bouncing in accelerated rythm, slapping his ass : “you like that, don't you?" This girl is smacking of sexyness. If you like beautiful FBBs in an erotic scenario, this video is for you