Ball Crushing Muscle Abuse
Starring Carmella
Muscle domination - ball crushing
18 mn / 16.99 $

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Carmella is back guys and in full dominating spirit as she exhibits her muscle , brawn, and power in this abusive video on the mats. Kicking, crotch grabbing, crotch stomping and ball abuse . . . she does it all to her poor victim with tons of trash talk, painful wrestling holds, throw downs and beat downs to the mat . . . you are gonna love her fiesty spirit in this video!!!

Carmella is just plain down brutal in her aggressive muscle domination of her victim. Groin and ball kicks that you know are painful . . .she lifts him in cradles and waist bends and continues to belly punch him then throwing him back to the mats for more abuse down there. Watch the dominant side of Carmella in this video if you love ball abuse and CBT.

To add insult to injury Carmella continues to thrash her poor victim on the mats and then she straps him outstretched to the garage door and gives him more punishment . . . first a brutal paddling and then she really gets down n dirty with a wrench pulling out his butt hairs. Ya gotta see this one!!!!!!