Trick or Treat Ebony Domination
Starring Naadia
Fantasy wrestling
19 mn / 16.99 $

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Justin has partied too hardy the night before and now is asleep in someone's room nursing a hang over. In walks masked Ebony Goddess Naadia who is not very happy about this boy being in her room. She proceeds to shake him awake, trash talking all the way, lifting and carrying him around the room, only to toss him to the floor and dominate him with her huge muscles! Naadia continues her Muscle domination of a college party guy who mistakedly ended up in her room after a party bash. She keeps tossing him to the floor, making him go on the run, always coming back to him and forcing her power and might on him. Naadia is in awesome condition, having just turned Pro Bodybuilder this summer and now preparing for Pro shows. Watch her as she has some tricks up her sleeve for this lad. Naadia's victim is exhausted from being squeezed and tossed around the room. He just wants to worship her muscles, so it is Muscle Worship Time! Naadia is impressive with her high peaks and full muscle bellies and her victim just cannot seem to get enough of this! But, like all good things and times, there is an end . . . so Naadia finishes him off and walks out of the room. !