Demonika's Domination
Starring Demonika
Fantasy wrestling
20 mn / 16.95 $

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Demonika has just come bk from a great swim and to her dismay she finds some looser sleeping on her couch. She immediately goes towards him and cusses him out, and he is so hung over he doesnt know how he got there or anything. You see he is a spring breaker and just havin fun. She then throws him to the ground and starts punishing him for his intrusion into her room. Demonika has incredibly strong legs and wraps them around her victim over and over again, face sitting, headlocks, amongst many other moves. Great action and trash talk too! Demonika is really coming on strong now with her Spring Breaker Intruder. She gets behind him in a power headlock bringing him down to the ground. Mind you . . . he is 6'3" 285lbs and her strength is enough to falter him. She jumps on him in school boy pins, facesitting, front and reverse head scissors to name a few. She is a power dynamo and her action is non stop!!! Strong and muscular Demonika has been thrashing and teaching her Spring Break Intruder and big lesson. He now seems to be enjoying her torture and wants to worship her muscles and touch her breasts. She still is disciplining him with her powerful front and reverse head scissors, face sitting and body scissors. How will this end? Watch her triumpant in the end. !!!