Sensual Muscle Worshippin
Starring Emery Miller
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Erotic nude
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Enter the world of First Timer Muscle Worshipper and see the greatness to behold! Emery Miller, "Marilyn Muscles" , is exquisite in this video entering with tiny black leather bikini and fishnet thigh highs. She saunters over to her subject and immediately engages him into worshipping her ripped hard muscles. She is two week out of a competition and is look ing very delicious! Watch as she leads him thru all the ropes per se in her Muscle Worshipping session. This Muscle Worshipping session is really starting to get heated up! "Marilyn" Muscles has her Newbie entwinned in a Figure 8 on the couch to where he is gasping for breathe. Then she has him kissing and worshipping her amazing peaked biceps. She then takes off her skimpy bikini top and presses his face into her bare breasts and smothers him He is in heaven! He immediately starts kissing them and fondling them. What Bliss! But hey . . . it's not over yet! As a matter of fact it's only just begun! Because she has another surprise for him . . . she throws him back on the couch, licking and kissing him. Then she takes off her bikini bottom and shows him her Big Muscle Clittie. Well . . . he is so enthralled and speechless . . . what can you say about something so incredible!! Then it's time to jump on him and play with him. Emery . . . "Marilyn Muscle" . . .is getting down to the nitty gritty with her Muscle Worshipper novice. She disrobes all and exposes her Big Muscle Clittie for his eyes to pop out of his head. Then it's tease and denial, fantasy wrestling on the floor, some teasing kissing and chest sitting with her Muscle Clittie starrin him right in the face! OMG! He wants it so bad but she is playng with him . Will she give it to him? Buy this video to find out !!!