Vicious Ebony Muscle Domination
Starring Ashley Starr
Ashley Starr's website :
Erotic fantasy wrestling
22 mn / 16.95 $

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Cum enter the world of Physique Competitor Ashley Starr in an ever so dominating male humiliating video of sheer muscle decadence. Ashley has walked in on her victim just laying on the bed playing with his IPhone. She immediately demands worship and obedience and asks him to oil her up and worship her muscles. Which he abides by her wish however from time to time she does not like how he is worshipping her so she throws him down on the bed and intimidates him with her ferocious vigor and muscles!!! She also enjoys foot worship and asks him to abide which he does. Great close up of her soles and him sucking them. She just luvs to make men scream and you will see her as she strips down her victim's shorts and starts spanking his bare ass, then she puts on her strapon and gives him a ride of his life ...she then makes him suck on her strapon jamming it in his mouth deep and then he must lick her balls. Ashley is dominating her victim over and over again until she finally throws himto the floor for some intense CBT and ball slapping and showing him who's boss!!! She does some serious booty shaking face sitting on him smothering his face way up in her hard booty! Then some final posing on top of his bare ass leaving you wanting sooo much more!!!!