Ebony Muscle Menage
Starring Ashley Starr, Naadia
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Erotic fantasy wrestling
18 mn / 16.95 $

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Ashley Starr is getting a much needed massage when in pops her girlfriend Naadia who is not very happy about this. She immediately starts picking a fight with Ashley and her masseur which starts the girls fighting on the bed. Now and then the masseur tries to break the girls up but to no avail. Let the Ebony CatFighting begin! The women rip each others' tops off and get down to business!! Ashley's masseur makes a final attempt to break up the Cat Fighting between Ashley and Naadia but to no avail. Naadia picks up Ashley off the bed and carries her around then throws her on the floor and the girls get into some very erotic naked floor wrestling entertwinning themselves, full clit and glute shotss, we are sure you will be begging for more!~!! These two Ebony Muscle Girlz are finishing up their floor wrestling and go back up to the bed where Ashley's Masseur once again tries to break them up but gets caught up in the heat of the moment. The women do a tag team muscle worship session on him . . . Ashley doing her booty bun dancing on his face . . . Naadia performing a fabulous hand job on his male member which ends in a happy ending !!!