Mirage Muscle Dreams
Starring Kashma
Fantasy wrestling
23 mn / 16.99 $

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Ever dream of muscle girls? Well u might just get what u wish for. Enter the world of Exotic Muscle girl mirage as she comes into your dreams, posing sensually on your bed, her huge thick muscular legs,- her hard shapely arms, cannonball shoulders. Wow!! But it gets even better. She strip down to a bikini and jumps on you. Is this a dream or is it for real? U just have to buy this video to find out. Mirage Muscle is getting a very sensual Muscle Worship session by her dreamer, rubbing on her big thick muscular thighs, and some awesome foot worship exposing her wonderfully adorable foot soles close up. Then she throws her dreamer down to the floor for some wrestling to show her incredible strength where he just cannot break the holds. Finally she performs some great lifts n carries demonstrating even more of her power! Mirage completes a few more lifts with her dreamer . . . , then he performs some belly punching on her hard chiseled abs laughing all the time as she is way to hard for his punches then it's back to muscle worship starting with her humongous muscular thighs that will make you wish you were her dreamer. She throws him back on the couch and then stands on top of him for a great visual of muscles and femininity. Finally she blows him a kiss and saunters away out of him dream . . . oh my what an incredible dream this has been!!!