Ashley Starr's Stripper Pole Domination
Starring Ashley Starr
Ashley Starr's website :
Erotic fantasy wrestling
24 mn / 16.99 $

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Enter the World of Ashley Starr . . . Contest Shape Physique Competitor . . . and Stripper Pole Dancer. She is hot in her pink see-thru fishnets. Watch her get on stage and perform her magic as she sensuously dances and strips for you. But wait . . . there's someone else entering the room and getting up on the stage . . . it's a male model and the two of them entwine in a very sexxy stripper pole dance that will set your juices a flowin! Ashley also performs some of her famouse naked face sitting on the male model right up on the stage. This one is too hotttt!!! Ashley then takes her partner down to the floor where she strips him naked, she already is, and has her way with him. Forcing worship, she grabs him by the balls and crotch literally and squeezes as hard there as she squeezes him in a body scissor. Then it's fron and reverse naked face sitting . . . she teases him continually . . . tease and denial . . . This Ashley Starr is the bestest!!!