Janeen's "Wanna Be"
Starring Janeen Lankowski
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Fantasy wrestling
19 mn / 16.95 $

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Pro Bodybuilder Janeen Lankowski is getting ready for a competition in 3 weeks and is looking spectacular! She goes out to her pool to strike a few poses and a male wanna be is sunning himself and quickly his senses are aroused as he watches her. He walks over to her and wants to be like her . She tells him well you have to train, eat and sleep everyday to look like her. She shows him how to strike a few poses, but he wants to touch and worship her muscles. He starts to get a little to fresh and she gets annoyed so she starts to walk away. He runs afer her, picks her up and brings her back to her pool stage. Watch what happens when he throws her into the pool! Now both are in the swimming pool together, but Janeen is not very happy with this. She swims under the water and lifts her wanne be on her shoulders and then throws him back into the water. After a little horsing around, she pulls him out of the water, headlocks him and pulls him into the house and throws him onto her mats where she now takes over full dominance in wrestling and great lifts n carries. Janeen's opponent on the mats just cannot keep up with her. This Dynamo is not only strong as a bull but built and ripped and conditioned beyond none. He tries to lift n carry her like she has been doing to him, but to no avail. He is not strong enough. She keeps showing him how to do it, but he is just not there. Then she rides him like a pony and then it's down on the mats or some good ol fashioned arm wrestling. Three rounds . . . . and guess who wins! Finally she shows him some awesome poses and he tries to mimic her but he is no match for this champion Muscle Girl. Great fun video. Ya can't miss this one!!!