Pool Boy Domination
Starring Ashlee Chamber, Muscle Foxx
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Erotic topless
26 mn / 16.99 $

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How would you like to be cleaning a pool and end up in the arms and air with these two sexxy Muscle Babes! Wow! What a wild ride this is!! and also getting a blow job to boot! What can be better in life? From fondling and blowing while donkey calf riding, to shoulder rides, to upside down pile drivers with blow job, to high in the sky shoulder lifts and double lifting with blow job, my God! These women are just plain WILD!!! Then it's to the bedroom where more wild muscle sex continues. Muscle Foxx is rocking pool boy in a rocking chair while Ashlee fondles and blows him to his heart's content. Then the girls carry him to the bed where the fun stuff really turns into high gear. Ashlee is fucking Muscle Foxx with her huge dildo while she is playing with pool boy. Then Muscle Foxx sucks the huge dildo deep throating it and finally she decides to ride it again while Ashlee gives poolboy a hand job. They all three cum together and it's a wild Menage a Trois Muscle Sex Fest !