Strong and Sexxy Power Goddess
Starring Power Goddess
Topless fantasy-wrestling
20 mn / 16.99 $

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The strength and power of this awesome Muscle Goddess is beyond compare! From the moment she enters the room, you know there is something very different and special about her. And when she starts to pose her huge, ripped, veiny muscles for you, whew!!! It takes your breath away. You just have to touch them . .. . feel their power . . . and then you want her to wrestle you to really see how powerful they actually are. Sit back and enjoy the show guys . . . it's worth it and there will be much much more coming!!! This very powerful Power Goddess shows us more of what she's made of in this video. She does some arm wrestling and wow!!! She packs a mean punch! Watch how her already massive biceps pop up and become even bigger. Un thinkable!! Then she strips off her bikini top and goes balistic on her opponent in some very powerful wrestling holds. From arm bars, to body scissors to schoolboy pins to grapevines . . . well you just have to watch her in action. She will bllloooww your mind!!! Worshipping this ever so strong and sexxy Power Goddess is beyond words! She is "ripped". . . she is very muscular . . . . and oh so sexxy! She loves to flaunt, tease and torture! Watc h her here as she forces muscle worship on the couch, then some ass plopping with her striated glutes that you will definitely go to heaven with!!! Then finally some incredible face sitting on the floor leading to a final victory pose and knockout. Her muscular striated glutes were just too much for this poor fella!!!