My Muscle Honey Bitch
Starring Queen of Squeeze
Fantasy wrestling
25 mn / 16.99 $

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I love my Muscle Honey who is such a BITCH at times! She loves to dominate me with her muscles and lift and carry me around. She loves to back me into the wall and knee kicks to my belly. OOOO it hurts sooo good! Then she throws me on the bed by my hair and pounces all her 180 pounds of pure raw muscle on top of me and holds me down so i cannot get up. Hey guess what . .. I don't wanna get up! Won't ya cum and watch how bad she is!!! Ms. Blonde Muscle Power continues her total domination over her honey by pinning him down on the bed with her huge and powerful physique of raw female muscle. He cannot even move! She sits on his face with her hard humogous glutes. She then flips him over like a ragdoll and belly punches him , then it's body scissors from hell that will crush your ribs, and finally she pulls him to the floor in a crushing bicep head lock. She exemplifies Raw Blonde Female Muscle Power!!!