Iron Liberty's Total Muscle
Starring Iron Liberty
Topless Fantasy wrestling
25 mn / 16.99 $

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Iron Liberty is learning to Grapple and Fight men big time from her gym partner. Her boyfriend is none too keen about this, especially when he has been paying for her gym membership and other things. He lets her know about how he feels when she comes home from the gym, but she has her own ideas about all this and proceeds to let him know. From pinning him arm behind his back and head locking him with her strong biceps, she throws him down to the ground and proceeds to muscle dominate him in various inescapable holds and pins. Continuing her Topless Muscle Dominance on her victim, Iron Liberty forces muscle worship in tight submission holds and squeezes. He cannot do but what she demands! From python tight body scissors, to clotheswire tight headlocks, this Muscle Gal will put you thru the ringer! Watch and be amazed at her super human strength and wish that you were in her grasps instead of her current victim !