Bad Ass
Starring Ms. Ultra Muscle
Erotic-fantasy wrestling
25 mn / 16.99 $

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Enter the mystic world of Ms. "Bad ASs" Ultra Muscle! From the moment she enters the room you know there is something very different and magical about her. Awesome, thick, peaked muscles popping out from under her thin skin everywhere, so huge that her body looks photo shopped before your very eyes. Freaky Muscles!!! She waltzes into the room striking pose after pose and you just can't believe what you are seeing. She comes over to you and tells you to touch her muscles . . . OMG! This is a dream come true! She then wants to see you flex but it is very obvious that your muscles are no match for Ms. Ultra. She shows you her mass ending strength by picking you up in a fireman's carry and trotting around the room with you. She says she can do this all day! Then it's back on the couch for some awesome calf muscle worship. Her calves are to for! But hey, she has other things in mind . . . and she quickly corrals you in her calves and mind boggling thighs and you are trapped as her victim into muscle heaven oblivion!!! Huge, Muscular Ms. Ultra Muscle performs various lifts n carries with her boy toy, she has stripped him to the buff, from back rides, to push ups, to bench pressing, to pec flies, she is having a grand ol time with her boy toy and he is getting very excited by all this as you will see! He even plays with her hard nipples at one point. Ms. Ultra Muscle shows her naked boy toy how strong she is in some fantasy wrestling on the floor. From squeezing his body with her massive thighs while he masturbates, to head scissors and squeezes, to some face sitting and school boy pins and grapevines, he is overwhelmed by her incredible muscles! Then it's show and tell , how big is yours. Ms Ultra Muscles pulls out her HUGE clit and boy toy just cannot believe it! It's soooo BIG!!! they both engage in a mutual masturbation session . . . crazy! Then she gives him the foot job of his life and he cums on her vascular, huge, diamond calves!!!