Muscle dominance
Starring Ashlee Chamber
Erotic wrestling
24 mn / 16.99 $

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You don't wanna intrude on a Muscle Girl in her hotel room, especially if it's Ashlee Chamber's room. She will knock you out, and literally!!! Watch how she disgreets her intrusion dressed in a knock out slitted black mini dress. He is quickly thrown to the bed where she proceeds to dominate him with her lean, hard, muscular physique and forcing worship on him the entire time. This lean and muscle toned Goddess knows how to dominate and control her men. Watch her here as she takes complete control over all parts of her opponent . . . and we mean ALL parts. From pinning him down to the bed so he can't move, to holding his male organ tightly between her fingers all the while scissoring him with her lean, hard, muscular thighs. It's a Muscle Masturbation Dream Cum True!!!