Kashma the Dominator
Starring Kashma
Fantasy wrestling
24 mn / 16.99 $

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You don't wanna get caught messing around in this Muscle Gal's hotel room! She will really show you what she is made of and beat the crap out of you! Watch thickly muscled Kashma as she takes it out on her intruder trying to hack into her computer. Slapping, slamming, belly punching, stomping, and so much more that makes this video very entertaining and stimulating. She continues to dominate her intruder by kicks to the groin, painful prolonged neck scissors, belly kicking, hurtful headlocks with her huge biceps . . . she packs a mean punch and loves to take it out on her opponent. Watch her here as she continues to awe her fans with her awesome power!!! Then she shows her strength in am arm wrestling competition followed by some awesome foot worship.